Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's CVS Shopping Trip

I stopped again at CVS today (one that I've never been to, actually) to see if I could find the Lumene wipes and some Lipton teas that I had free coupons for. Here's how I did.

I was able to snag four Lipton 100% Natural iced teas for free (using four free coupons; no longer available) and eight 10-count packs of Lumene Sensitive Touch Makeup Remover Wipes. They were on sale for $2.74 each and if you bought $20 worth of Lumene products, you got a $5 ECB. I had five $4/1 coupons.

They weren't marked as on sale (they're regularly $2.99), so I only grabbed seven at first, thinking that would get me over the $20 mark to get my $5 ECB ($2.99 times 7 = $20.93). So since my subtotal for those was only $19.18, I could only use four of my coupons because he fifth one would have put my coupon total over the price of the items. So I completed that transaction, bought another one and used my last coupon, and overall paid $4.94 OOP and got back $6 in ECBs ($5 for the Lumene and $1 for buying four of the teas).

There is a new BOGO Lipton Tea coupon available, so if you did this scenario with that coupon, here's how I would have done it if I had been more prepared:

Transaction #1:
4 Lipton Teas $1.25 each
-2 BOGO coupons
Total: $2.50 OOP + $1 ECB

Transaction #2:
8 Lumene Sensitive Touch Makeup Remover Wipes $2.74 each
-5 $4/1 coupons
-$1 ECB from Transaction #1
Total: $0.92 + $5 ECB

Total OOP: $0.92 with $5 ECB leftover

You walk away paying only $3.42 (plus tax) OOP and having $5 ECBs left.

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