Monday, June 27, 2011

No More Rack - Cheap Pumps!

No More Rack is a daily deal site that offers one-day deals on things like apparel, accessories, and beauty products. They are giving everyone who signs up a $10 credit! The credit can only be applied when your purchase is $20 or more, but there are some GREAT deals to be had!

Today (until noon 6/27), you can grab some cute pumps for just $19! You can use these towards your credit, you'll just have to add something to your cart to get your total over $20.

They also have a curry brush available (great for pet hair!) for $3, which would be a great filler toward your $20 total.

If you don't feel like the deals are what you're looking for at the moment, wait a little while! The deals change every 24 hours at noon EST. They also extend automatic credits toward your account every now and then, so  if you want, hang tight for a few weeks and see what you end up with! I hadn't logged in for a few months and had over $10 in credits, so I got the pumps and curry brush for FREE!

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