Friday, March 11, 2011

My Publix Trip - 3/11

Above is all the stuff I got at Publix today! You can't see the baby carrots or canned tomatoes since I'm awful at arranging pictures like this. And the four bottles on the left were my free Lysol All Purpose Cleaner!

Here are the things that I got for free (some had overage as well):
Athenos Greek Yogurt (I got selected for a House Party pack and got tons of free coupons for their yogurt; it's delicious!)
YoPlait YoPlus
Pedigree Dentastix
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner

The Mission tortilla chips were supposed to be free, but the coupon was only for $2.99/1 and they were $3.89 each, but still not a bad price!

I also grabbed the $50 Publix gas card for $40. The good thing about these cards is that you save $0.03 per gallon, making it (at least in my area) cheaper than any other gas station!

In all, I spent $78.04 (including the $40 for the gas card and tax) and saved $75.96!! If I hadn't bought the card, I would have saved $65.96 and spent around $38.04. I'm pretty happy about that!

You can see all the match-ups here. Let me know what you guys score, too!


  1. Awesome! Cant wait to check out what deals I can get

  2. I got my gas card for sure!! Who wouldnt want to saev $10 on gas.....