Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Loot from the LUV Bath and Body Works Club

Remember me telling you about the LUV BBW Membership Club at Bath and Body Works? Well on Thursday, I went and got February's gifts! I had forgotten to go last month, but they were nice enough to give me January's as well! Unfortunately, they aren't taking new sign ups for the club, but they will start taking them again in May!

Here's what I got:

January's gifts -

They gave me a full-sized hand soap in any scent I wanted, a pocket-sized hand sanitizer (any scent), and a holder for the sanitzer!

February's gifts - 

I got to choose travel-sized lotion, body wash, and body spray!

If you were lucky enough to have been able to sign up for the LUV BBW club, don't forget to get this month's gifts!


  1. I have the BBW Luv card and I love it. I did get my free January and February gift and I look forward to all the gifts they will give out until May.

  2. That's awesome! I'm glad you were able to sign up for the card and to get your gifts. Let me know when you get them next month!