Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Not so Great Walgreens Trip...

So my Walgreens trip was a bust.

The BOGO Reach Toothbrush coupons from the 10/10/10 RP specified that they had to be for Reach Total Care + Whitening and the $2/1 Reach Floss coupons said the same thing (Total Care + Whitening). The Walgreens coupon that should have paired with this only said "Total Care" and not "+ Whitening," so the manager wouldn't take them. The $2/2 coupons that you were able to print the last few days work, but that would make them still $1 each, not free.

The BOGO Stayfree coupons that have come out recently specify that the one you pay for much be 14-24 count and the one you get free is only up to a value of $3, so that scenario doesn't work either. The BOGO coupon I found in an extra SmartSource insert is only good up to a value of $6. The 28-46 count packages that worked with the $3/1 Walgreens coupon were $6.49, so that didn't work.

I was only able to buy the BIC Triumph pens. The manager still had to adjust the price of the pens to $2 so the $2/1 coupon would come off, but at least it worked.

I hope you guys have more luck at Walgreens this week than I did. You can try the floss/toothbrush deal and ask them to adjust the price of the item to $4 (they're priced right now at $3.99; a penny too low for both $2/1 coupons to deduct) to see if both coupons will come off.

I'm so sorry about all the confusion with these deals that were great at first glance. I'm also sorry if all that didn't make any sense. If you need me to clarify anything let me know!

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