Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Publix, Walgreens, and Target Shopping Trips Today (1/8)

Today I hit up Publix to check out the Special K deal they're offering this week. I also had some of those Swiss Miss coupons (no longer available) so I wanted to check on the price of those. I found the smaller packages of Swiss Miss for just $1.99, making them free with my coupon! Special K was BOGO this week at Publix and I had some of those BOGO coupons (I think it's still available here). Here's how my transaction when down:

8 boxes of Special K BOGO $3.99/2 = $15.96
3 boxes of Swiss Miss $1.99 each = $5.97
1 York Peppermint Patty $0.89 (not pictured; I got a sudden sweet tooth!)
Subtotal before coupons (after BOGO sale) = $22.82
-4 BOGO Special K coupons = -$15.96
-3 $2/1 Swiss Miss coupons = -$6
Total (with tax, after BOGO sale and coupons) = $0.93
Total savings = $39.62

After that, I headed to Target to check out the Christmas items. There was barely anything left, but everything was 90% off! I got a bunch of items (pictured below, minus one item) for just $2.66 with tax! My receipt told me I saved $22.50. Nothing cost more than $0.50 and I didn't even pull out a coupon!

My last stop was Walgreens. My mom had received a catalina coupon (the coupons that print like RRs after you purchase something) after purchasing prescriptions that was for a free box of Breathe Right nasal strips. I've heard of this coupon printing after a lot of things (Crest, Pantene, Finish, Finesse, and more), so it may have just been random. I also don't know if this will continue to print next week, but it might.

All in all it was a great shopping trip!! I ended up spending just under $5 for everything!

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