Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FREE Photo Books from CVS!

Print this coupon NOW to get 4 completely FREE Kodak photo books from CVS next week! The photo books will be on sale BOGO starting Sunday at CVS and these BOGO coupons will get you 4 for free when you print two coupons! This was available earlier but the print limit was reached quickly so print them now!!


  1. So CVS is doing BOGO photo books and by using these coupons we get BOGO.. they will allow all 4 to be free? Since Kodak is technically paying for the other one?

  2. Anonymous - Correct. If you buy 4, CVS is paying for two and Kodak is paying for two. You just have to pay any applicable taxes, which if you live in Florida would be approximately $4.20 if you buy four.