Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walgreens Coupon Policy

If you’re brand new to the world of coupons, shopping at Walgreens can be a little daunting. “Register Rewards?? What are those?!” “IVC? What the heck are you talking about??” This is where this tutorial comes in! Once you get the hang of it, Walgreens may soon be your favorite store.

A little basic key terminology:
IVC – Instant Value Coupon: A coupon that Walgreens offers on certain products every month. These are compiled in a small booklet placed near the weekly ads in the store. (In my store, these are placed on a metal rack in a spot you can see right when you walk in the door. In other stores, I’ve seen them in between the metal detectors in front of the doors.)

RR – Register Reward: A coupon that prints out after you buy (i.e. pay for) a certain product or amount of products. Walgreens offers monthly and weekly Register Reward deals that are detailed in the weekly ads. For example, the ad might state that you will get $3 in Register Rewards if you buy $10 of P&G (Procter and Gamble) products. Typically Walgreens will specify the exact products you can buy to qualify for this promotion. So, say you buy $10 worth of P&G products, the cashier rings them up, and you pay for them. A $3 manufacturer coupon will print out after your transaction is complete that you can use on your next purchase that is equal or less than the face value of the coupon. This can be used in conjunction with other manufacturer and store coupons as long as the number of coupons does not exceed the number of items.
Stacking Coupons: Using one manufacturer coupon AND one store coupon on one single item. This is somewhat hard to come by sometimes, but when there are these types of deals available, it usually turns out very much in our favor! This often results in a very cheap or even free product!

How it works:
  • Walgreens has quite a few stipulations as to how you can use coupons at their stores. For example, you cannot use more coupons than you have items (i.e. you cannot use 5 coupons in a transaction where you’re only purchasing 4 items). Walgreens frequently has very inexpensive items you can buy to “fill” the holes and still allow all your coupons to go through.
  • This has been subject to much debate, but according to their coupon policy, a coupon’s value cannot exceed the price of the item. If you have an item that costs $4.29 and your coupons for that item total $4.50, the coupon's value will be reduced down to $4.29.
  • Walgreens does not accept competitor coupons (i.e. other stores).
  • If an item is on sale for buy one get one free, you can use up to two coupons PER item, since you are still “purchasing” two items. For example, if Covergirl makeup was buy one get one free, if you purchased to Covergirl products, you could use two manufacturer coupons and two Walgreens coupons (one of each for each product). Some stores will not allow you to use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale. This is subject to your manager's approval.
  • The total dollar amount of your coupons cannot exceed the total dollar amount of your transaction. This means that your total cannot be less than zero before tax.
For other information on Walgreen’s coupon policy, go here. Sometimes it’s good to print it out and bring it with you just in case you meet an obstinate cashier!


I just wanted to let you guys know of a change I noticed at Walgreens tonight. I went to grab some of the free body wash, creamer, and cough drops. When I got to the register, the cashier had to adjust down the coupon value of the body wash (which I expected) and had problems with the creamer coupons. Coffee-Mate was on sale BOGO at $2.69 this week and there were $1.50/1 coupons I had (no longer available). However, the register rang the two of them up differently than I'm used to. The first creamer rang up $2.49 and the second rang up $0.20. The first coupon went through, but since the second item didn't ring up at $2.69 and then "voided" for the sale, I couldn't get them both for free using both coupons.

In short, if there's a BOGO sale, the items will ring up like this:

Creamer $2.49
Creamer $0.20
Total: 2/$2.69

It's technically still BOGO, but since the second creamer is only $0.20, you can't use the $1.50 coupon on it.

Hopefully this isn't the way all BOGO sales work now, but if they do I'll be sure to let you guys know.

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